Distributed Application

Distributed application development relies upon three distinct architectures which are namely:- one tier, two tiers and three tiers and each one has its own specification. The Distributed Application Process will help you harness the power of an object oriented (OO) design approach, OO implementation tools and distributed computing technologies to build business systems based on user-friendly interfaces, tiered architectures, shared data, reusable components and incremental upgrades to functionality. There are four stages in the Life Cycle of distributed application: • Designing • Implementation and Testing • Deployment and utilization • Maintenance and evolution We offer solutions through Distributed Application Development, where we use component technologies like COM, DCOM, Enterprise Java Beans, RMI and CORBA for Distributed Application Development and UML, Design patterns for software design. We provide you distributed application development services that are capable of handling requests from multiple clients and are responsible for coordinating and synchronizing responses. We help you maintain your integrity by ensuring the usability, reusability, stability, consistency, and quality of your system.