Oracle Application

Oracle Application focuses on creating objects, which implement the Business Services layer on top of a database, in a more declarative way. Oracle applications are vast in scope and deep in capabilities, spanning enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, supply chain management, and other critical business processes. The application module provides a data model for the task by aggregating the view object and view link instances required for the task while also providing services that help the client accomplish the task. We have built a strong team that is focused on Oracle Application Development projects - customization, enhancement, and implementation with deep skills in the various Oracle Application modules and industry expertise in various verticals of relevance to our customers. We have expert consultants engaged in extending Oracle's Technology to meet unique business requirements of various organizations. Our experienced technical and project management team will guide you from a business idea to implementation of a cost effective software solution. We offer support services across the entire lifecycle of your application, from supporting business functions and end users to providing technical, development, and infrastructure expertise. Our services include:

  • Customized application development using Oracle ApEx
  • Oracle Content Management solution
  • Oracle Forms & Reports
  • Oracle Database Design
  • PL/SQL Development
  • Oracle / Non-Oracle integration