Dragonfly Web Design and Developer Toolkit released by Opera

Opera, the Norwegian browser developer, has unveiled the Dragonfly web design and developer toolkit this week. This new product has emerged as a collection of web design and development tools, and lays special emphasis on debugging. Dragonfly is a hybrid web application, which essentially means that users never have to update it since its latest version is always pulled directly from the Web. It is also always compatible with any version of Opera being used at the time. Opera has long since realized that the world and technology has gone mobile, and this is why it has provided remote debugging tools for mobile devices as well. A web designer or developer will simply have to switch on the remote debugging function and Dragonfly will then connect to your Opera Mobile and allow for debugging to take place directly from the device. You can even hack on to your site on tablets, TV’s or on your computer with this remote debugging feature. Dragonfly can also mask as other browsers to ensure that cross-platform compatibility is there. There are also many advanced options such as color-picking tools, a JavaScript debugger and the options to debug Scalable Vector Graphics.