Search Engine Ranking: 10 Tips to increase it

Search Engine Friendly URL: Search engines like well-structured URL. Always try to make URL meaningful and use important keywords in it. Use Exact same domain for link building: Don’t use domains without http for link building. Like don’t link to, link to If we use both for link building, Google will treat as two different domains. Avoid Google Sandboxed: As we know that SEO is a slow and steady process. Creating too many links in a short interval might penalize your website and it might be disappear forever. Social networking to promote website: Social Networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn are now counted as links in some manner, if you get backlinks form these websites by creating pages, groups and sharing links in it. RSS Feeds: Create blog, keep posting on it and generate RSS feeds. Try to submit these RSS feeds to RSS submission websites to get better links. Sitemap Creation: Create sitemaps in xml for search engines and in html for users view. Submit the sitemap to Google and Bing webmasters at a regular interval which helps for indexing the web pages. Image Optimization: Use images for your website with alt tags which must contain your important keyword. Google image search is a top source of traffic. Web Directory Submission: Choose category which is relevant to your website and submit your website details with appropriate keyword. Always try to submit your website to quality web directories which will help you rank better in search engines. Research Keywords: Keyword research is a major part to rank better in search engines. There are several tools in the market for keyword research link Google Adwords. Choose best keywords according to their popularity and competition in the market and use it on your website. Submit Articles and Blogs: This is the best way to increase outbound links to your website which will surely help to increase the search engine rankings. So create a good, unique content and submit it to the articles and blog directories.