Dreamweaver is the perfect tool for web designers, coders, and application developers at all levels. Enhanced coding functions make it a breeze to navigate through complex site pages at design time. Improved layout tools expedite workflows from comp conception to client approval. Innovations like these and more throughout Dreamweaver help teams and individual developers alike reach the next levels in performance and functionality. Dreamweaver generates standards-compliant code for your website which means your website will not become "broken" every time a new version of a web browser is released. Its WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) interface allows you to create a web page without looking at the code. If you are new to web Design, this can be especially inviting. You can make changes manually, or in the Code view, without worrying that Dreamweaver will change your code back. This feature has really set Dreamweaver apart from other web development applications. It integrates smoothly with other Macromedia tools, especially Flash. Full support for advanced HTML5 and CSS websites, with almost all features accessible through GUI interface. As an advanced website editor, Dreamweaver has no serious competition, and, unless you're willing to code by hand, it's the only serious choice for building up-to-date multiplatform websites.