BCA/MCA & B.Tech/M.Tech Live Project

Master in Computer Applications ( MCA) Live Project training with various technologies in ASP.NET with C# and SQL Server, PHP With Mysql Languages. Chirag Solutions Provides the training for the MCA student who wants to make their technical skill on the peak point and proficiencies into real time development areas. During the training period, which is the important part of student life as well as curriculum, Chirag Solutions provides an objective to enhance the knowledge of the student which has been important part of the respective industry. 1. Chirag Solutions provides core and advance features of each and every technology selected by MCA student. 2. The Trainer provides the live project based practical task during the training which will be used during the coding process of the live project. 3. Student gets the training under the most valuable Project Leader or Sr. Developer in Chirag Solutions. 4. After successful completion of the training, Best Top 3 students get the chance to work in our company if they meet the requirement of Chirag Solutions; Also students get the certificate of training. 5. We have limited student groups for training so they get proper attention. We request to all students of MCA,Msc IT, BE computer/IT or Diploma to put their 100% godo effort to make their Live Project Training period a successful and useful. Because whenever a student finishes his academics, he is asked to show his last project report with details. that final semester project becomes a landmark in the life of MCA, Msc IT or BE students.